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As we always keep posted the latest Facebook tricks and feature updates to provide the latest content to our visitor. To move forward one step ahead in this post we are going to describe some security features and alertness options. More than 10 million Facebook active every time so its increase to chance UN-authorize FB login buy attackers. In this post, we will teach how you can check and track your Facebook login details and location to ensure your account not accessing buy UN-authorize person.

To giving a platform to share your thoughts and feelings with each other Facebook also work to keeping your thought safe and secured also. Every day there are lots of security features added and up-gradation, work is done but lack of information user not aware of that. Lacking security features in any social platform can be the reason of accessing the account by UN-authorize access of account.

To be updated not do any costly job just keep updated and bookmark and subscribe to our blog in your phone and PC browser so you can get the latest post always. Well now move on to the tutorial for how to track login history and location details to prevent your Facebook account from attackers.

To tracking your login history and location details your Facebook account should be login to get access setting control panel. Click here to directly Login your Facebook Now. After login your Facebook profile you have to go to Facebook settings from the left side down arrow beside the question mark icon from the top menu. Follow the picture given below.

After enter facebook setting you will get all option list for Facebook settings and configuration. Inside security and login option you will get many settings related security of your Facebook account.

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You can see the Operating system of Windows PC and country with sub-location also. Facebook login history details contain country location with sub-location and operating system type such as android, windows and Mac OS to get easily recognize it is you are or not. With doing some small steps you can always keep protect and save your online accounts such as Facebook, Twitterand many other social network sites and other online platforms. When we are talking about facebook security so we like to explore one more security feature to add extra security in your Facebook profile.

After enabling this option you can SMS, Messenger message as well as email whenever your Facebook account will access unrecognized logins. To Enable alert for unrecognized login to mobile, email and Facebook messenger go to inside. After Finish all settings click Save changes button to apply settings as per your choice.

There are lots of security features available on Facebook to keep protect from unauthorized access. We always try to post quality and useful posts for our visitors. If you wish to suggest any post and feature create new tutorials in our site you can email or comments.

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Information Security Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for information security professionals. It only takes a minute to sign up. You should see your IP. But when I do it, its not matching my actual IP now, because apparently it always matched before.

What could be happening? There are quite a few apps that interface with FB. In addition to flat out showing the wrong location for an IP, I suspect FB gets confused and maybe shows your location as the most frequently logged in location rather than most recent or currently active login.

I have a calendar app that syncs my FB events to my google calendar on the hour. Logging out of FB, clearing my web cache, and logging back in doesn't fix the location issue. After "ending all activity" on the FB Security and Login settings, which forced my calendar app and all the others like Bumble to disconnect, then logging back in, my location corrected.

It also corrected to my actual location, rather than just my ISP's central location. This is hardly a fix or an answer to the problem, but it's a way to get your location corrected if you're willing to give up the utility of FB interfacing apps. Sign up to join this community.

Is it possible to Track location of facebook user ?

The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 2 years, 4 months ago. Active 2 years, 3 months ago.

Viewed 10k times. Anders How did you check your actual IP? Maybe that service isn't working properly?

Facebook now giving IP login information

Nov 16 '17 at As to how I'm checking my IP, its Using curl -s checkip.How do i find all of the IP addresses that have logged into How do I add or edit an address on my Facebook Page?

How do I remove a search from my Facebook activity log? How do I view my Page's activity log on Facebook? How do I find my user ID for my apps and games on Facebook?

Do I have to use my name when I'm using my Facebook account We're working to update facebook.

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If you don't see instructions for the version you're using, learn how to switch versions or report a problem. Help Community. Log In. Back to Help Centre. English UK. Ask a Question How do i find all of the IP addresses that have logged into my account? Hacked Accounts. I believe i have a stalker that has logged into my account, read messages and harassed my friends with this information.

How do i get all of the IP adresses that have logged into my account? I have found the area where i am currently logged into but it only shows me IP addresses from today and yesterday.

I need to check the last 4 months or so. Is it possible to get this information? Asked about 6 years ago by Chris. Featured Answer.

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How helpful was this answer? Create ad. Create Page. Terms and policies.Q When I checked my Facebook account's "active sessions" I found that it's been accessed from all over, including Missouri, Tennessee and Iowa.

There is no explanation for why; you can just click on "end activity" for places you don't recognize. I've changed my Facebook password as the company suggests, but the next time I looked at the account, another faraway place was accessing the account. Why is this happening?

Also, at least one of my friends has not received any of my messages. Facebook says they're working on it, but it's taken all of February.

Any reason for that? A The strange locales that your Facebook connections appear to come from may be less cause for alarm than you think. Facebook guesses your location by the Internet Protocol IP address you use, but it's not that reliable. If you're using a local Internet service provider, that IP address will roughly correspond with your geographic location. But if you're using a cellphone Internet connection, your data may be routed through a distant computer that has a different IP address.

Note: To check where your Facebook is being accessed from, go to Facebook's account settings, choose "security" from the column on the left and click "active sessions. If you think someone else is using your Facebook account, you can cut off their access by clicking "end activity" next to that active session.

In addition, Facebook says you should then change your Facebook password and the password of the e-mail account you use as a Facebook login -- because anyone with access to your e-mail account can potentially gain access to your Facebook account, too. Facebook message delivery problems apparently happen often, because the company provides a specific website to report them. See tinyurl. Q I bought my wife a Samsung Galaxy tablet computer, but we returned it because it was unable to use games found at Pogo.

We learned the tablet lacks a "Java add-in" for its Android 3. Any ideas? A I'm afraid you're out of luck. Google's Android operating system isn't able to read independent games written in the ordinary Java programming language because it uses a special version of Java.

As a result, Java games must be specially written to work on Android, and Pogo. E-mail tech questions to steve. Include name, city and telephone number. Home All Sections Search. Log In Welcome, User. Coronavirus Minneapolis St. Rural Minnesotans struggle with internet access: 'Not a luxury'.

facebook ip address login

Mayo Clinic cutting pay for more than 20, workers. Garden centers will reopen as essential — with a few changes. Snowbirds' dilemma: Should they stay or should they go home? Recently unemployed in Minnesota? Here's what you need to know. Weekend snow in Minnesota could be 'plowable'. When you flush a toilet in the Twin Cities, where does everything go? March 6, — pm.This is in addition to the Facebook "named device" security feature.

To view what IP's have logged-in to your Facebook account look under Account Settings and click "account security". Hover your mouse over the "location name" to see what the IP address is.

You can also "end" the activity but I'm not sure yet what that does. Note that the location of the IP address is very general. As Trinity and Hubby both correctly pointed out, it was not suggested this new feature had anything to do with anyone viewing one's page.

At the end of April, the "name this device" feature was added under Account Setting - Account Security.

If one chose to participate, upon logging on they would see this:. After naming the computer an email would be automatically sent to the email on file with FaceBook.

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Yesterday morning, a new feature was added under this same setting Account Security. Unlike gmail, it does not keep a running tab of the last five login IP addresses.

It is actually showing the current login information.

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It was when I left my home computer logged in and signed in from a friend's house. We have been trying with different computers and mobile devices but at the same IP to "catch" someone in the account but it doesn't seem to work. All the people I trust to be in and out of my account are under the same roof. I decided to try with a proxy server from one computer while another computer was signed in from our real IP. FaceBook then required us to verify the account the next time we logged in.

It did so by showing 7 tagged pictures of 7 "friends. Some were baby pictures or pictures that had been photo-shopped into monochromatic green, gorillas tagged as people, etc. It allows you to "pass" twice but after that if you don't guess right We said yes - but I wonder what happens if one says no.

I'm suspicisous so I wonder if this is a sneaky way to hone any photo recognition software by training it. Additionally, what happens to businesses or people who have s of "friends. No effin way I could have done that with all the photos s of people have on their FaceBook accounts. It was really annoying.

Maybe I am wrong but this feature has been around for a while. That would be like tracking and facebook does not do that. It's a great way to see if someone has access to your login and password such as a phisher. It's the first i've seen this! I'm pretty sure that's what Bare said Like he said, you have to have a web-server of your own, you have to trick the person into downloading something from that server, then you have to go through the logs of that server to get the IP address.

Skip to main content.My IP address is I do not have the option to end the session. I am having the same problem, if you find out why tell me. I also have it showing that I have three requests, but then flashes to two right away.

I am in Frederick. I have had a hacker, and wonder if this is why? Can someone help?

facebook ip address login

As Jeff says, the location is only an approximation. In fact, it's more of an educated guess since the topological numerical and physical networks do not correspond completely.

Just ignore the location! Is this what you are talking about when you said their locations are just plain wrong? There will be only one ip address in your sessions that will match with your current ip address, this happens with me also. Are there more than one sessions? What happens when you click on end activity? It is a fault of Facebook that it cannot detect locations correctly from ip, even my account displays my location wrong, my original location is KM away from the location fb is displaying.

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But the Ip address is correctly displayed, so it is simple, the session is yours, the location is wrong, you don't have to end this session, as it is your current session. You never get the option to end activity from account security.

End activity option is to log out any other session, which is active. So everything is alrightbut you have made a mistake by giving your IP address. It is something you should never share and especially on a public place like you did right now. Thank you Jay.

How to see your Facebook Login Location and time History

I have tried ending my sessions and that doesn't work either. I checked the routing of the IP address and neither location that is showing up is part of the route. This morning I am still showing wrong locations.

Facebook uses IP GeoLocation which isn't exact, it's just an estimate. If you feel that it's entirely off, someone else may be using your facebook account. Jeff waht of the last 5 numbers of my real IP address are off? Each time my location has varied between two states Why is my IP address on Facebook wrong? Tina Segmiller October 20, Lisa Thomas. Just restart your modem and computer. Good catch Jay, I edited it out. Thanks muotechguy!

facebook ip address login

I learned something new today. Tina Segmiller. Jeff Fabish.How do I add or edit an address on my Facebook Page? How do I report scammers or suspicious activity I see in Fac How do I find my user ID for my apps and games on Facebook?

How do I view posts on my News Feed in most recent order on How do I find items to buy on Marketplace? We're working to update facebook. If you don't see instructions for the version you're using, learn how to switch versions or report a problem. Help Community. Log In. Back to Help Centre. English UK. I recently tried to log in to FB, to be told I was logging in with an "old password" which I had not changed myself.

I believed that my account had been hacked or accessed without my permission. I have recently been subjected to a number of types of harassment and have reset my account passwords and reported the issue to FB. After the reset, and gaining access to my account again, I was notified of access by an unknown IP in the Maidenhead area but didn't note down the IP before the page refreshed.

This could be really important information to my current case and I'm really keen to get an answer ASAP! Thank you Asked about 6 years ago by Simone. Create ad. Create Page. Terms and policies.

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