Télécharger critical files par the barcelona model 1973

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télécharger critical files par the barcelona model 1973

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télécharger critical files par the barcelona model 1973

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télécharger critical files par the barcelona model 1973

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If it was true that exterminating the Jews "conformed to the fundamental objective of National Socialism" [1] ; if it was true that it was not "the coming to a head of an unforeseeable explosion of violence, or of a betrayal of trust by subordinates, but the fruit of an ideology of death and of an organic design" [2] ; if it was true that "according to Hitler, among the ends that had to be achieved thanks to the war, the general extermination of the Jews had a very important place, to the realization of which the German government would devote a large part of its forces," [3] for what mysterious reason did Adolf Hitler deprive himself of at least a million victims by allowing them to emigrate?

It was thus inevitable that so atrocious an accusation, based essentially on "third and fourth hand accounts," on "the game of psychological deductions," knowing that "all these could offer was fragile and speculative," and on "fragmentary and sometimes hypothetical answers," be placed in doubt.

In the immediate post-war period and in the following years severe criticisms were formulated in regard to the trials of those who were called "Nazi war criminals" -- in particular, the Nuremberg trials [4] - and concerning the behavior of the Allies during the war.

The first to raise doubt about the reality of the "extermination" of the Jews was the Frenchman, Paul Rassinier, [6] who is justly considered to be the precursor of present-day Revisionism. His work was taken up and carried on by other researchers who have produced a rich Revisionist literature, the most important works of which are.

Inat Northrup University in Los Angeles, the first Revisionist Conference was held, organized by the Institute for Historical Review, which, since springhas published the important quarterly The Journal of Historical Review with the collaboration of the most significant Revisionist historians around the World. This has contributed further to making Historical Revisionism an irrefutable reality, and an unstoppable intellectual movement.

Wali allah yang masih hidup sampai sekarang

Indeed the Revisionist theses are attracting ever more defenders. Sinceand up to the present, several works have been published, notably in France, in the wake of the Faurisson affair. Besides numerous articles appearing in The Journal of Historical Reviewwe draw attention to:. In January the first number of the Spanish Revisionist review, Revision was published in Alicante. We call attention also to the Revisionist journal Taboe. Revisionistisch tijdschrift voor kritisch en wetenschappelijk onderzoek Tabu, Revisionist periodical for critical and scientific researchAntwerp, Belgium.

This vast literature is of unequal value and ranges from superficial and often inexact declarations -- rightly criticized by the Exterminationist historians, as Revisionists call those who maintain the reality of the "Extermination" of the Jews -- to methodical and profound research.

This literature has aroused reactions of diverse types. On the literary plane, a number of highly passionate writings seek to discredit the Revisionists, be it by personal defamation, be it by distorting their theses in order to hold them up to ridicule, be it by trying to make Revisionism appear as an integral part of "an international neo-Nazi movement," that is to say, of a resurgence of Nazi anti-Semitism, as is implied expressly by Robert Kempner.

In reality, the accusation is baseless, and is clearly intended as propaganda.

Akuo subliminals

Other Exterminationist writers, while displaying all the emotion invariably engendered by an expression of doubt in regard to the "extermination" of the Jews, try to place themselves on the plane of objective criticism. Among the most significant, we call attention to:. Some attempts to affirm the Exterminationist "truth" have had the opposite effect.

Particularly interesting in this respect are:. But the reactions of the opponents of Revisionism are not restricted to the literary plane. The lawsuits brought against Revisionists - to the end of obtaining official condemnation by the courts of the adversary theses -- attest to the inability of the official historians to refute the Revisionist arguments seriously and convincingly. Certain affairs. The case of Dr. Recently, Henri Roques -- the case is unique in French university history -- has seen the confirmation of his doctoral thesis on the confessions of Kurt Gerstein, [23] which unleashed an entire polemic [24] but remains unchallenged by any serious refutation, annulled because of presumed administrative irregularities.

It would be difficult to summarize the results of Revisionist criticism in a few pages. Besides, we are concerned here not so much with presenting the results of Revisionist research than Revisionism's reason for being, and its methodology, and that is why we devote this chapter to explaining the reasons why, in our opinion, it is necessary to doubt the reality of the "extermination" of the Jews.

At the time of the Nuremberg trial, the English public prosecutor, Sir Hartley Shawcross, in his speech for the prosecution of 26 Julyaccused the Germans of having killed more than six million Jews "in the gas chambers and ovens of Auschwitz, Dachau, Treblinka, Buchenwald, Mauthausen, and Oranienburg. The room could have been about five meters square, with a height of three and a half meters. Seventeen sprinkler heads fastened and placed at regular intervals in the ceiling.

Looking at them revealed nothing of their murderous function. They resembled harmless water dispensers. The deportees employed in the crematorium forewarned me: in a touch of irony, each victim, on entering this room, was given a towel, and a minuscule bit of soap.

These unfortunates believed they were going into the shower.

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Then the heavy iron door, bordered with a kind of rubber seal a half-centimeter thick, designed to prevent the entry of the least bit of air, was closed on them. On the inside, the walls were smooth, without fissures, as though varnished.

On the outside, one noticed, on the side of the door lintel, four buttons, placed one under the other; one red, one yellow, one green, one white. Yet, one detail worried me: I could not understand how the gas could descend from the sprinkler outlets to the floor.Set Startpage.

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The guide is completed, the dictionary or the cookbook. The Barcelona. With this dictionary, we have about words and phrases together, so you will be understood in the restaurant, in the hotel, on the road or when shopping in many other situations. Never been misunderstood with the English, Spanish, Catalan download dictionary.

With more than words and phrases you you will be understood in hotel, restaurant, when shopping or on the road and in many other situations KB. Here you will find the subway map of Barcelona for download.

Although you can get it for free at every metro station or if you buy the Barcelona card. You still don't have a program for viewing PDF files? Here you can directly download a PDF reader on the website of Adobe for free. A ticket for six of the most important museums. Free admission without queuing. Book a guided tour through Sagrada Familia. Inclusive tickets and admission without queuing.

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You are here: barcelona. Downloads Useful files for free download Here you will find many useful documents for downloading. More information Metro map of Barcelona Here you will find the subway map of Barcelona for download.

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